(Oil on canvas painting by artist Susan Cook)

                        Stage left 
cello choir rests between 

Raw siennas and rich umbers 
portray the patina
of high altitude 
        black ebony
while a mix of neutrals  
composed to separate musical passages
provides the body   the tenor  
of instruments noted to be the closest in 
sound to the human voice

Ochres   cadmium green   cobalt violet   Payne's grey 
provide the mellow tones of chamber music heard 
from somber strings weaving
                       harmony and beauty into creativity 
                            creativity  into art
                                 art into poetry 
                                    poetry into music
                                          music into man.
- Joan E. Day
- January  26, 2008 


Private Collection of Tim and Virginia O'Neil

Faith in the Unknown
Hope that springs eternal
and Love in all things big and small.

Tim O'Neil                                           
April 26, 2011

Private Collection of Bruce and Wendy Phillips

When I saw Determination, I had the strangest feeling that it was me when I was 8 years old. My father never gave us gifts or took us anywhere as children. The only thing I ever remember him giving me was a hula hoop. He had fashioned it out of heavy black rubber and handed it to me. I was very thin but determined to make this huge heavy hoop circle my waist. And I did it! Over and over. This gift was my father's way of letting me know he cared about me even if it was never verbalized.

Determination brought that memory into sharp focus. Thank you for bringing it to life for me.

Wendy Bailey
September, 2011


Susan Cook