Susan Cook

Artists’ Statement

Susan Cook and Karin Geiger

Pods:  mystic beauty

May 14 – July 19, 2015




Beyond their striking botanical beauty, flower pods represent purity, goodness of heart and regeneration, promising a new beginning and reminding us of the possibility to change for the better.  This common metaphor is attributed to the lotus as it grows in the mud and returns within it at night, flowering clean the following day.  The pods protect and hold the seeds until mature,
representing the sanctuary of community where the seeds of creativity grow and prepare for transformation.

The exhibit “Pods: mystic beauty” featuring new paintings by Susan Cook and Karin Geiger pleases the aesthetic senses and reminds us that nature poses a lesson:  No matter what life may lay before us, we meet it with honesty, trust and the courage to move forward in a positive way.